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Our bankruptcy firm is aware that many good men and women today are in dire financial problems and require legal assistance to prevent their debts situation from becoming worse. Our Riverside bankruptcy attorneys are here to help you by providing you a free consultation on debt management and to give you a new beginning in your life. Our bankruptcy firm services the whole County of Riverside and would like to meet and offer our services to you if you are thinking of filing bankruptcy. People today frequently question how by declaring themselves bankrupt can help ease their financial difficulties. Bankruptcy filing in Riverside can give you a new start and depending on the severity of your financial situation, you may be able to still have a home with much of your debt lessened. Filing for bankruptcy is the first stimulus package given to the people; by offering men and women the freedom from being persistently harassed by debt collectors, filing for bankruptcy in Riverside gives individuals the chance to move ahead with their financial lives and aids in alleviating their stress.

A bankruptcy in Riverside is commenced by the filing of a petition. After this has been done, an automatic “stay” is enforced against the collection of the debt until they are dismissed by the court or in some cases when a payment has been agreed upon by both the individual in debt and the creditors. Usually this agreed payment is a small amount when compared to the total debt. There are various Chapters of bankruptcy, depending on the financial circumstance of the filing person, the amount of money he owes, and the unique needs of the filing person. The objective of filing for bankruptcy in Riverside is to eliminate some debts to give a new beginning to the affected individual. When these financial obligations to pay to another parties have been dismissed in court, and the court frees the filing individual from the action and the legal responsibility, that individual is free and has the freedom to enter into new contracts of new debt and purchase new assets. Bankruptcy courts are Federal entities that have power over districts and even supercede decisions made by lower courts.

Bankruptcy Attorney Riverside

A skilled Riverside bankruptcy attorney understands that under bankruptcy law, debts are categorized into various kinds. Secured debt is secured by a property, most of the time with houses, and vehicles. These debts are usually financed loans to buy such assets, although, there are some people who have home equity lines of credit, given out extensively by the banks during the over-inflation of housing market. Unsecured debts, most of the time debts incurred through spending of credit cards and medical bills are debts which are not supported by any assets. There are also other debts, such as government fines and child support, that are non-dismissable. This means that these debts will not be removed by the Riverside bankruptcy court and will continue to be a debt. (Taxes may or may not be dismissable depending on the details of the case). Contact one of our bankruptcy attorneys in Riverside to find out exactly what type of debts are able to be discharged for you.

Depending on the requirements of an individual and the deciding factors, there is a few types of bankruptcies the bankruptcy attorney’s customer may choose to enter into. It is equally important for an individual who has decided to file for bankruptcy in Riverside California to maintain a competent bankruptcy attorney to assist him move on through the nerve-racking course of filing bankruptcy. As stated, depending on what type of debt it is, and the amount of money owed, there will be a particular type of bankruptcy that a person will fit in, and we are the bankruptcy attorneys in Riverside, the very best law firm to advise on which is the class of bankruptcy for you.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Riverside

There are various Chapters of bankruptcy. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is often known as the liquidation chapter. The majority of people will file Chapter 7, Chapter 7’s are for people who don’t have many properties and who just want to be relieved of their debts and continue on their living. People filing for bankruptcy are granted a specific amount of exemptions in bankruptcy. An experienced bankruptcy attorney in Riverside will counsel the filing individual as to what properties or value of assets are let off and therefore if a Chapter 7 is the right bankruptcy chapter for them. The filing individual is also permitted to keep assets that have secured debts that are attached. Generally, secured creditors will request the person in debt to sign reaffirmation agreement. These agreements are frequently far better than the initial loans. For proper advice with regards to filing Chapter 7, in Riverside, talk to one of our attorneys in Riverside today.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Riverside

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is for filing individuals who have a regular monthly income, or those who earn more than people who qualify for a Chapter 7 and who want to retain assets with secured debts attached to it. Most of those who file Chapter 13 have houses that they are striving to keep. People with homes, situated in cities such as Riverside, may have defaulted in payments on the initial mortgage or may further add junior liens against such houses. Filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Riverside allows the defaulters to make a repayment plan to help them update on the defaults of these mortgages and will allow the removal of junior liens.

A Chapter 13 thus permits for the diminishment of debts. A repayment plan normally ranges from three to five years depending on the particulars of one’s situation. The plans frequently call for payment on pennies on the dollar on unsecured debts. After Chapter 13 plan is concluded, the filing individual becomes current on secured debts, junior liens normally removed and unsecured debts dismissed. A Chapter 13 is in essence a forced adjustment of debts on the creditors. For proper guidance regarding Chapter 13 in Riverside County, you should contact a Riverside bankruptcy attorney today.

Our bankruptcy law firm also serves Riverside County in representation in other types of bankruptcies, such as Chapter 11 or 12 although they are not as common as a 7 or 13 . A Chapter 12 is like a Chapter 13 but for family farmers and fishermen while Chapter 11 bankruptcy is for people who have debts exceeding the limits enforced in Chapter 13 and
for non-individual entities such as businesses and limited liability companies. These are all re-organizational chapters of bankruptcy which enable the filing individual or party to re-organize the framework of their assets, and debts and their businesses if they are business people.

Unlike our law firm, many bankruptcy attorneys in Riverside are not trained in all these chapters of bankruptcy. Contact our Riverside office for counselling on these chapters; our firm has the legal skills, knowledge and experience to provide you the very best representation in court. Our law firm serves Riverside with much pride in these areas and we can be contacted today for a consultation that is provided free of charge, face to face or through telephone conversation. Contact us today and talk to our attorney.

The most crucial thing you should be doing when contemplating filing for bankruptcy in Riverside is to gather as many information as possible from a highly-skilled Riverside bankruptcy attorney. California state statutes also affect the execution of bankruptcy law, so a licensed attorney from California will counsel you on your specific situation. Many places publicize a “do-it-yourself” or DIY bankruptcies; these rarely work as they do not target the state and situation in which you may find yourself. There are a few conditions that can alter the action of your bankruptcy, and only a competent bankruptcy attorney in Riverside can efficiently offer you the best advice. Our bankruptcy law offices are very experienced and are proud to be able to serve all Riverside County. Call us immediately and find out the choices that may be readily available for you.

Our bankruptcy firm cannot emphasize enough that it is very crucial to correctly make report of all your income, assets, and debts to your attorney. Many Riverside bankruptcy cases are postponed or derailed by erroneous customer reporting, so it is advisable that you prepare all your financial information in advance and be truthful with the Riverside attorney about the actual amount of debts and assets you have. A customer’s failure in disclosing his assets can result in serious consequences by the bankruptcy court, and failing to disclose debts can result in them not being dismissed. Please think carefully and make sure you do not miss any important financial information. You must make sure the information you have is up to date and make known all concerns with your bankruptcy attorney in Riverside CA.

It is not very difficult to find a good bankruptcy attorney that serves Riverside County. Our bankruptcy firm can be easily located. Our bankruptcy law firm wants our customers to believe in our expertise and that we will do our best to make the filing as pain-free as possible. When deciding on who can be the most suitable Riverside bankruptcy attorney choice for you, you should only hire a bankruptcy attorney who is willing to work hard and devote much time to your case, who can always meet up with you personally and discuss about your financial situation, and who has a good image and reputation and lots of experience in handling bankruptcy cases. Before you start hiring a bankruptcy attorney in Riverside, you must make your own little research to make sure you get a competent and qualified attorney.

Contact your local bar association and request for recommendations, or talk to your friends or others who have knowledge with a particular bankruptcy attorney in Riverside before. If you presently have an attorney, you can ask him to recommend, as not all attorneys have the experience in bankruptcy law. Give our bankruptcy law office a call and make an appointment for a free consultation. An individual thinking of filing bankruptcy in Riverside should stay away from “Bankruptcy mills” as they take care of hundreds of cases each month and therefore, should be avoided; these attorneys will not be able to give you an individual attention and especially when you are going through a very stressful time.

Cost should not be the main deciding factor in choosing your bankruptcy attorney; usually, attorneys who promote cheap bankruptcies will not provide you personal attention and good and strong communication is key to a successful handling of a bankruptcy case. If you research a bit, you will know that we are the most cost-effective, top quality bankruptcy attorney in Riverside County who has vast experience and we will help you overcome your financial crisis. We are committed in our work and we are proud to serve you and Riverside. Give us a call today and get a free consultation.

The bankruptcy process is a government approved means for consumers to get a new beginning and restore their financial ground. The concern is that filing bankruptcy has recently become more challenging to the extent that a filer doing it alone may not be aware of all the benefits which may be readily available through either a Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. For this reason alone, it is very important that anyone contemplating a bankruptcy filing in Riverside California should look for a competent and experienced bankruptcy attorney. He will decide on the best course of action to take and then to try get the best and most effective result in the final outcome of the bankruptcy. We thank you for checking out our website and we wish to be the bankruptcy attorney in Riverside helping you and the city of Riverside.


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